"Spiritual Art" in Ahtello Spiritual Art Gallery:

is defined like this;
"Spiritual Art is art which complies
with one or more of the following requirements:
art created in play, art created by guidance, colorful art,
positive art, healing art, soul work art,
and art that has a spiritual message, to the artist and/or the viewer."

The purpose of Ahtello Spiritual Arts
and Ahtello Spiritual Art Gallery:

is to present;
spiritual artists, primarily painters, with spiritual paintings,
but also sculptors, with spiritually created clay or plaster figurines for example,
or any other kind of art, as long as the artpieces can be refered to
by the concept " Spiritual Art ", according to the definition above.

The descision of which art qualifies as "spiritual art",
to be shown in Ahtello Spiritual Art Gallery, is made by "Ahtello".

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