My paintings are visionary
because they refer to the
spiritual and esoteric spheres,
in which I have been
absorbed for the last 20 years
( the new age trend ),
which is growing
at the end of this century.
I am witness and spokesman.

In my paintings
you will find biblical
and ancient references,
which show the
immortality of the soul,
visions of the next world,
visions of the past,
present and future.

Patrick Delorme.
My work refers to the unknowing and even to worldly awareness,
I paint whilst being in "ALPHA".
This technique enables one to communicate
with a certain unconscious part of the brain.
I intercept vibratory and spiritual messages
which are thereafter seen in my works.
My inspiration also comes from the original
and unconscious community.


What is inspiration?

The creative idea ends up by dominating those it touches.
It is a revelation, sometimes striking, of the unknown,
and can appear without voluntary contribution during a dream,
but also at the end of an intense effort.
But this is always the result of motivation which is
profoundly anchored in our roots.

Subconscious or overconscious influence is sometimes supreme and imperative,
but constitutes inspiration. Under this influence the artist produces his work,
sometimes a masterpiece, with a simple gest without thinking and without reason,
often on the spur of the moment and without effort.

In other numerous cases, there is a sort of collaboration
between conscious and unconscious. The work begins due to a whim
of spontaneous inspiration and at times completely unintentional.
This collaboration sometimes finishes with results
totally different from the results originally sought.

As far as I am concerned, I don't think about the idea of creation.
I start to apply the colours without knowing where I'm going,
in an act where I am unaware, in a state of mind guided by mere
vibration of colours, shapes and forms. Harmony takes control of me.
I let myself be guided by what I see on the canvas.

The theme, the subject, take over and shows me the way out of nothingness.
Slowly but surely I distinguish vague shapes and forms emerging progressively.
There is then a "back & forth" process between the rough outline or sketch,
and what my conscience perceives, and the assertion of the vision
that I behold on the canvas.


I have often asked myself , inspired or medium?
Several mediums have told me that I am guided by spirits from above and beyond.
One thing is sure and that is; I do not paint automatically,
because my hands are not guided by a force that I cannot control.

However, as soon as I put myself in the right state of mind for painting,
I then pass into the ALPHA phase. I already tried the experience where I
was connected to a computer by electrodes which trace the ALPHA waves.
This does not happen if I want to paint consciously.

It would appear that the sole idea of wanting to create
would close the creation within a system that we already know.
Whereas, if we are not looking for anything in particular,
we would be submerged by shapes that we could not possibly
have imagined, having no reference to this creation.

The simple idea of wanting to innovate would risk the appearance
of creative realities already known, which we could more or less stick together.
We could try to make new with old,
but would have absolutely no creative originality.

Because of this, contemporary art is more and more arid,
due to the fact that it does not allow itself any liberty.
It wants to be a continuity of its forebearers and master its creation.
This makes it an intellectual and analytical art,
which wants to innovate at all costs.
We make the left side of the brain work too hard to analyse,
and we forget the right side which is the brain of creators.

It is difficult for me to affirm if my work is inspired by spiritual guidance,
because nothing has been proved in this domain. However, I can account
for numerous witnesses encountered over the last few years.

Testimonies from several mediums who leave their bodies
and travel in the stars of the spirit world
and who told me that what I paint
is what they saw during their spiritual voyages.

They told me I was a mediator,
and that I painted the past,
the present and the future.

They also said that my paintings were there to give
visual and vibratory images of new times “Aire of Aquarius”.
These same mediums said that I had the knack of picking-up and
reproducing their development of thought in my paintings.

Others say that my paintings had vibrations on a level with healing.

Generally speaking most people are touched
in one way or another with my paintings.
They leave no one indifferent, and either people agree,
and see light and love, or on the contrary, feel aggressed and angry.
This is why I paint. To show my work as a spiritual revolution
and show the way to achieving more love and respect on earth.
Proof of life after life in our materialistic world, lacking spirituality.
And hopefully through you I will meet people in agreement
with this testimony and in harmony with my paintings
and to help me distribute them.