Exhibition in Ahtello Spiritual Art Gallery

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Thank you for considering exhibiting here!
I would love to have many spiritual artists to make an exhibition in this gallery!
The only thing you have to fulfill is that your art is
in line with the definition of spiritual art, as it is defined in this gallery.
If it is, and you want me to add an exhibition of your works,
the terms and requirements are the following;

I am currently not excepting any submissions due to overload of work. Sorry!


20 US$ for publishing one work the first year.

If you want to exhibit 10 works or more, I will publish 1 additional work for free, for each 10 works.

If you after a year want to prolong your exhibition, or some of it, one more year, it costs 10 US$ per work.


Photos, or good quality jpg or gif images, and also BMP images.

Standing format image: ||
Width: minimum 450 pixels.

Lying format image: =
Width: minimum 500 pixels.


If you only have got photos:

send me good quality photos, and I will scan and process them for 5 US$ a piece.
I will return them,
if you cover the costs,
( 7 USD within USA ).

Send the photos to:

Ahtello Spiritual Arts
Tappgrand 36
121 33 Enskededalen


When I have recieved the required information above, and agreed to publish your pictures, I will send you the information needed how to pay.
Depending on where you live,
I accept money transfer to my bank account, check or moneyorders.
I'm sorry but I can not accept credit cards!

No pages will be published until full payment is accomplished.


1. Upload the files to your www-server,
and mail me the exact locations from where I can download them, and the required facts of you and the art pieces. After I have downloaded the images I will let you know by mail, so you can remove them if you wish.

2. Send a mail with the required facts and the image files attached.

Only attach one BMP image in each mail, and if you send jpg or gif files, attach 3 files maximum, in one mail!

( The reason for this is that mail with big files attached are dificult to download, and the mail program might get stuck. )

Use option 1 if it is possible!
Use option 2 only if you
have no www-server to upload the files to!

Send mail here to:


Information needed:
Your name, address and e-mail address.
* A bio and a picture of you!

For each art piece:
Name of art piece,
* Media and support used.
* Size: height and width
* Price, in prefered currency,
* Frame or no frame
* A short text or poem
describing the meaning, feeling
or intention of the piece,
* If you have a prefered background color, ( not white, black or grey! )

Published images are not exhangable for another image.

What do you get?

Exposure of you and your art,
on a very positive site,
with personally designed pages to each artpiece.
The gallery has a growing numbers of visitors.
This site uses a translation
feature to major languages,
from Altavista.

Interested buyers will contact you directly,
by e-mail or other ways you have provided on your contact page!

No charge for sold artpieces!
You keep all the money.

The descision of which art/artists that qualifies
to be shown in Ahtello Spiritual Art Gallery, is made by me,"Ahtello",
the founder and creator of Ahtello Spiritual Art Gallery.

I reserv the right to reject any submissions,
if I find that the art is not in line with my definition fo "Spiritual Art",
or for whatever other reason that occurs to me.

I also reserv the right to change rates and structure of this WEB site,
and also to edit submitted material to suit this site,
without any prior notification.

Fill out and send one form for each image, please!

* Your Name:
* Address:

* Phone:
* Fax:

* Email:

* Name of artpiece:

* Artpiece Location:

* Size:

  Width:   Height:   cm   inches

* Price:

  Price US$:

* Media and support:

* Frame:

  Yes  No

* Description
of artpiece  
( or poem! ):

* Prefered
BG Color:

* Biography
of the Artist:

* Picture of Artist Location:

* Other information:

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